Refund Policy

The buyer would make the payment to Innovation Market Research as mentioned on our website. The buyer is solely responsible for use, sale, and any other tax or custom regulations. The purchase decision made by a buyer/user cannot be undone once confirmed. In case the buyer has any doubt regarding product or payment, he/she shall contact Innovation Market Research to have a discussion before clicking on the “buy now” button or any other link that leads to payment process. Further, in case he/she thinks that some error occurred during the payment process, the buyer shall immediately contact our sales department or the customer service department.

Owing to the nature and the format of the data, Innovation Market Research does not accept return products after delivery. Innovation Market Research may however offer refund in some cases as per management decision solely at its discretion.

As we provide highly confidential and valuable data and insights to our customers, we cannot grant refunds to our clients once the report is dispatched. However, we can offer customization of the report in case of any missing or incomplete data in the report.